Inertia reels

The Blocfor fall arrest blocks are rated to 150kg user weight and certified to European Standards. In the event of a fall, the block arrests almost instantaneously and the shock pack brings the user to a controlled stop. The blocks are designed to allow an increased user weight while keeping the impact force on the user below 6kN. The increased weight has been achieved without increase the braking distance experienced by the user.

Product variations
20 ESD SR M10-M47
  • 1Plastic casing made of polyamide / ABS blend
  • 2Compact size
  • 3Optimised ergonomics for easy grasping and handling
  • 4A device anchor point designed to receive large diameter connectors
10 ESD SR M10-M47
  • 1For people up to 150kg
  • 2Suitable for all works-at-height
  • 3Automatic fall prevention device that unwinds and rewinds the cable inside the housing
  • 4Can be used in a vertical or horizontal position
1.8 ESD M23-M47
  • 1Suitable for use in aerial work platforms.
  • 21.8 meters of webbing
  • 3High performance range 150 kg.
  • 4Corresponds to CNB / P / 11.062
Technical data
  • High-Capacity Range 150 kg. Complies with CNB/P/11.062
  • Complies with EN 360 and CNB/P/11.060 standards for use on edges with a minimal 0.5 mm curve radius
  • Fall arrest device with ESD technology suitable for use on terrace roofs
  • Can be used vertically or with a standard deviation of 20° in relation to vertical
  • Can be used horizontally without the use of a lanyard between the end of the strap and harness
  • Flexible unwinding system which does not jerk during operator movement
  • Responsive system which locks automatically in the event of a fall, reducing the total drop height
  • Includes Energy System Dissipater (ESD) technology which enables the device to arrest a fall even when the webbing is fully unwound
  • Integrated fall indicator
  • Length 5 – 10m
  • Standard M47 swivel connector at end of shock absorber
  • Service Free, no need to return for annual strip down. All that is required is a thorough inspection and function test.
  • 150 Kg Capacity to in accordance with CNB/P/11.062; testing loads over 100Kg.
  • No requirement for intermediate lanyard to be fitted for horizontal use. (no loss of capacity when used horizontally, CNB/P/11.060)
  • Open ended life span dependent on passing 6 monthly inspection by a competent person
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Blocfor is intended for work at height with the risk of falling vertically, as well as for work at height on a horizontal plane with risks of falling on a sharp edge (roof terrace use).
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