NIKO Group announces formation of NIKO Crane Systems SA for providing more solutions in Lifting industry.
August 21, 2021

Established in 1972, NIKO – Helm Hellas SA has concentrated in offering high quality Overhead conveyor systems, Sliding door fittings and Handling systems (Light cranes, Festoon systems and Fall Arrest Systems).

The organization has grown from a small family owned business to an international company serving a variety of industries and operating to niche markets all over the world.

The company has identified opportunities in the fast growing market of Lifting sector and for this reason the creation of NIKO Crane Systems SA will focus on the expansion of the Lifting solutions currently provided by the group.

Mr. Sam Upton, who has a proven track record in this field, will be the Managing Director of NIKO Crane Systems SA. Mr. Upton will tap into his years of industry experience to develop and explore solutions as a keypart of our company’s strategy.

Τogether we will work on increasing existing product portfolio and diversification, by serving customers needs even more efficiently and targeted, while remaining true to the core values of parent company which are based on Quality and Reliability.

Main Products of the new company are the following:

– Light Cranes 50kg-2000kgr
– Festoon systems and cable trolleys
– Fall arrest systems
– Lifting equipment

The value proposition of the new company is related to complete crane systems solutions in parallel with safety and ergonomics whilst operating with the support of mother company. NIKO – Helm Hellas SA will provide its 47-year engineering expertise to the new company, aiming at the development & prosperity of both companies.